Tanzania re-opens to tourism

Following meetings held on 11 and 12 May the United Republic of Tanzania has announced that thanks to the decrease in COVID-19 cases tourism will restart in Tanzania from 18 May 2020

  • Since 18 May 2020, international commercial flight operations have been resumed
  • All travelers whether foreigners or returning residents entering or leaving the United Republic of Tanzania will be subjected to enhanced screening for COVID-19 infection. There will be no 14 days mandatory quarantine
  • Strict infection Prevention and Control measures are still to be followed; physical distancing, hand hygiene, mask wear all remain mandatory
  • All international arriving passengers shall dispose-of their masks after use during travel at designated waste collection containers upon arrival 
  • Airports will all have to install sanitizers at multiple locations 
  • All arriving/departing air operators must provide Advance Passenger Information to allow the Points of Entry Authorities to prevent possible high-risk passengers

To conclude, tourism will re-start in Tanzania. The Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources will ensure that the health of Tanzanians is safe and a priority.

Secondly, tourists entering Tanzania will be COVID-19 free. Every effort possible will be done to keep them safe. Measures to protect them are in line with the Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDEC) and the World Health Organization (WHO)

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