Mara Conservancy - Protecting the Mara Triangle

The effect of Covid-19 is having a worldwide impact on conservation, and in Kenya, the Mara Triangle is facing the gravest crisis in its 72-year history as a protected area. 

Without paying visitors, we will run out of funds within months and WE NEED YOUR HELP to protect the reserve and support the local communities whose livelihoods depend on its survival.

For nineteen years the Mara Conservancy has been able to manage the Mara Triangle with its share of Park fees and without any substantial donor support.  

An already dire financial situation has been compounded by the heaviest rains seen in 55 years. The unprecedented rainfall has caused extensive damage to the environment and infrastructure, adding additional burden to an already precarious financial situation. 

As guardians of the Mara, we need to continue to ensure that the environment and wildlife are adequately cared for and protected. 

H O W  T O  D O N A T E

You can direct people to the Mara Conservancy website where we have set up a PayPal account with credit card facilities. 

Please email us at for 501C or our bank details for a direct transfer 

100% of your donation will go directly to the Mara Triangle Conservancy and will help them continue their operations.