Econet, Panabios Unveil New Applications to Digitise Covid-19 Certificates, Ease Cross-Border Travel in Africa

Econet and PanaBIOS have unveiled two new applications that will assist travellers across Africa comply with COVID-19 safety protocols.

The applications - the Travel Pass and the PanaBIOS App - have already been adopted by the African Union (AU) and the Africa Centre for Diseases Control (Africa CDC)-led Trusted Travel portal, which simplifies verification of public health documentation for travellers at national borders.

The portal's key features include information about the latest travel restrictions and entry requirements, a database of authorised laboratories and vaccination compliance information, as well as Africa CDC mutual recognition protocol for COVID-19 testing, test results and vaccination certificates.

"This simply means that tests conducted in any member state of the AU, and even countries outside Africa, can be verifiable in all other member states provided the labs in which the tests took place have been registered in the digital registry," an Econet spokesman said.

"We are urging all international travellers to download the Sasai App and have access to the Travel Pass that will help them to navigate through the safety travel protocols across continent," he added.

The latest development comes as African countries are being urged to take appropriate measures to safeguard their citizens and economies from the deadly coronavirus pandemic as they reopen their borders to international travellers.

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Source: allAfrica